About @JavaScript and AbstractJavaScriptComponent

Hi Team,

In CUBA , using the AbstractJavaScriptComponent and @JavaScript can load javascript files from client, likes:https://github.com/cubacn/ImageCropper/blob/61e2e6452108d9ca7ca57d830ef9ddef9b5ce95e/modules/web/src/cubacn/cmp/crop/web/toolkit/ui/imgcrop/ImgCropServerComponent.java#L17
The javascript files are next to the JavaScriptComponent class.
In jmix , the javascript file can’t be loaded in this way, the server response of the javascript file is 404 :

In jmix , is something changed or I missed something,
Please suggestion.

Best regards,

Seems the PublishedFileHandler is changed in Jmix ,maybe it’s the cause .
I’ve choosed the ‘vaadin://’ prefix for static files, now it’s works fine.