Add-ons menu not added in FlowUI project (1.3x)

I have created a new project using the FlowUI template which is working fine. However, when I installed add-ons (e.g. report) from Market Place, I still don’t find any report menu options when running the application.

After I installed the Report add-on and when it was not working, I checked the build.gradle and corrected as per the user guide (added):

implementation ‘io.jmix.reports:jmix-reports-starter’
implementation ‘io.jmix.reports:jmix-reports-ui-starter’

Now, when I try to uninstall it from the marketplace, I am getting the following error message. This indicates the installation was unsuccessful.

I am using platform version 1.3.9999 and studio version 1.3.3 but I have installed the add-on in studio version 1.3.1.

Thanks for any comments.


Currently, there is no Flow UI version for add-ons like Reports. They will be introduced in one of the next versions.