Add priority to a task in BPM

Hello Jmix team!

I am looking for a way to add additional fields to user tasks in a business process, like priority or color for example. I would like to be able to configure such parameters in modeler. Is there a recommended approach how to achieve this?


For User Task we have an additional property panel that called “Extension properties”, which has been introduced for adding arbitrary custom properties to given element.

In order to extract configured properties in Java code take a look into io.jmix.bpm.service.BpmModelService, which provides capability to fetch all custom
properties from user task element.

Regards, Artem.

@a.artemev This is great. But seems like I’m having some problem with it.
I’m getting a strange error when trying to create an extension property. Is there a prerequisite?
I’m attaching a screen shot.

Unfortunately, it is a known issue and has been fixed in the 1.1 release, could you update the Jmix version?