BPM Add-on Quick Start problems

Hello there,I install BPM trail and create a demo according to QuickStart(https://docs.jmix.io/jmix/1.0/bpm/quick-start.html),then I found 2 problems:

  1. bpmn20.xml erro: URI is not registered, location
    at xmlns:jmix=“http://jmix.io/schema/bpm/bpmn

After that create an input dialog parameter manager with the Entity type, required and editable. Select User entity name. Specify ComboBox UI component for user selection. We will leave the JPQL query field blank — that means that the default query select e from smpl_User e will be used.

when i went to here,i did’t understand “smpl_User”, as a result,in the next step " Process variable" cannt got “manager entity”. Did i miss something? or where can i find more detailed document or demo?


:grimacing: solved.
I wrongly used IDE for BMP editing.

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