BPM trial version error

Am getting the following error when I try and install the trial version of the BPM add on.
Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:compileClasspath’.

Could not find io.jmix.bpm:jmix-bpm-ui-starter:1.2.4.trial.
Searched in the following locations:
- https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/io/jmix/bpm/jmix-bpm-ui-starter/1.2.4.trial/jmix-bpm-ui-starter-1.2.4.trial.pom
- https://global.repo.jmix.io/repository/public/io/jmix/bpm/jmix-bpm-ui-starter/1.2.4.trial/jmix-bpm-ui-starter-1.2.4.trial.pom
- file:/home///trial_repository/io/jmix/bpm/jmix-bpm-ui-starter/1.2.4.trial/jmix-bpm-ui-starter-1.2.4.trial.pom
Required by:
project :

How do I resolve the issue?

How did you install the trial add-on?
What is inside the file:/home///trial_repository/io/jmix/bpm/jmix-bpm-ui-starter directory?


Installation was done by clicking on the trial link on the bpm add on page and following the steps.

You have 1.3.1 version of add-on. You’re probably trying to add it to the project based on Jmix 1.2.4.

The documentation says:

Trial add-ons can be used only with the latest Jmix framework version. We recommend creating a new test project and installing the trial add-on into it.

Create a new project on Jmix 1.3.1 and add the trial add-on there.