BProc addon manual installation

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I am migrating manually from CUBA to JMIX, everything seems good and better than CUBA so far.
But we only have one Addon that we were using in CUBA which is BProc. I was wondering if I can manually install BProc to work with JMIX.

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Murad Abdul Aziz

You can simply follow the instructions in the Add-ons section to install the add-on into your application.

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Seems like BProc is not yet supported since I cant find it. Any idea when BProc will be support for JMIX?

for Jmix we did rebranding of BProc and currently it is known as Jmix BPM - https://docs.jmix.io/jmix/1.0/bpm/index.html


Amazing, Thanks alot.

Will our BProc license still be supported on BPM?

Yes, if you have license for BProc you can use it for BPM too.

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Thanks Artem,

Amazing to know.

Murad Abdul Aziz