Can we use any application as addon or it should use Single Module Add-On template

I am having an application based on Single module Application template. When i publish it to local mavan. It doesn’t publish but but result shows '11:38:23 AM: Execution finished ‘:publishToMavenLocal’.

Is it a requirement to develop addon only using ‘Single Module Add-On template’? or i can use any app as as addon.

Yes, an add-on should be based on the “Single module add-on” template. It has a starter module, specific build scripts and @Configuration class instead of @SpringBootApplication.

Is there a way to change app template now from app to addon. In cuba any app can be used as addon and I followed same.
In cuba I used to develop an app and then use this in another app with multitenancy add to develop multitenant app. This way i always have two solution one without multitenancy and with one multitenancy.

How can we do this in jmix?

You can develop main functionality of your applications in add-ons, and then combine the add-ons in target applications.
Use the new “Composite projects” feature of Jmix Studio 1.2, it was developed specifically for this situation. See more about it in the blog post: Jmix 1.2 Is Released.