Cannot access io.jmix.core.entity.annotation.JmixGeneratedValue

I’m getting this error while trying to run the application after upgrading to version 1.3.1

error: cannot access io.jmix.core.entity.annotation.JmixGeneratedValue
import io.jmix.core.entity.annotation.JmixGeneratedValue;
bad class file: C:\Users\dell.gradle\caches\modules-2\files-2.1\io.jmix.core\jmix-core\1.3.1\9abd424e0dc1c804156b46e2d4aef1944d78993\jmix-core-1.3.1.jar(io/jmix/core/entity/annotation/JmixGeneratedValue.class)
class file has wrong version 55.0, should be 52.0
Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the classpath.

Perhaps you use Java 8.
Jmix 1.3 requires at least Java 11, see What’s New :: Jmix Documentation.