Click, doubleclick, enter, ctrl-enter behaviour in lookup screens


in a browse screen, a double-click on a row is opening the editor
in a lookup screen a double-click is triggering the selection

We want to change that, so that a double click is opening the editor also in a lookup screen,
but cannot find out how to handle that.

when moving the mouse over the edit button in a lookup screen,
we see the hint: Enter
when moving the mouse over the Select button in a lookup screen,
we see the hint: Ctrl-Enter

But, selecting a row and press on enter also triggers the lookupSelectAction.
That is confusing.



You can change this behavior in AfterShowEvent of your Lookup screen. For instance:

private GroupTable<Order> ordersTable;
private EditAction<Order> ordersTableEdit;

public void onAfterShow(AfterShowEvent event) {
    if (getSelectHandler() != null) {

I’ve created an issue: Haulmont/jmix-ui#783

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