Composite projects

The composite project feature in Studio 1.2x looks very good. This might be useful for one of my projects.

I gave a try for the first time and noticed that resource available in one sub-project (e.g. Entity) is not usable in another sub-project. For example, I have a Customer in AR module that I want to use in Sales module which is another sub-project in the same composite project but I didn;t see it available for selection.

When I run this composite applicaton, i see only admin menu, nothing from any sub-projects unlike add-on application.

In a relevant blog i noticed the following:

Configuring dependencies between subprojects is on the way and will be included in one of the next Studio patches.

  1. Is this upcoming feature scoping the above needs too?
  2. What is the target release version and timing?
  3. Any example of how this will be better than using add-on projects?
  4. Can you please share more insights about the practical usage?
  5. If I want to use optionally the same database for different sub-projects, will this be possible?
  6. Is it possible each sub-projects are having a different Github repository but the person assigned to one specific sub-project will have access to the database or Service of other sub-projects?

When I

Please take a look at this article: Add-ons and Composite Projects.
Configuration of dependencies is already available in the latest Studio update.

Hi Konstantin
Thank you for sharing a very good blog on Add-ons and composite projects. That blog answered my few questions. I still have the following, thanks for your help:

  1. I could discover to open the Edit project properties (all or sub) but I didn’t find the option to open the following screen described in your blog. Please let me know the navigation path to open that window.


  1. Database: I see each sub-project is going to create a separate database by default. Is it possible to have a common database across all sub-projects?
  2. I want to use customer from customers subproject in orders subproject, in my test composite applications, I couldn’t use but I guess it was not available because the dependencies between subprojects were not set. I hope it will work after you clarified the # 2 point above.

Hi Mortoza,

You will get this item in the Settings action and in context menus of each subproject as soon as you have any add-ons in your composite project:


Note that you cannot have dependencies between applications. An application can depend on add-ons, but not on other applications.

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