Concept for update queries?

I have a button in a screen and in onClick I want to update some database records in the backend. What is the concept doing this in jmix? I tried the way to create a JpaRepository for my entity but this caused problems, i think jmix doing some “magic” already. But as far as I understood with the dataManager I can only using selects. So I wonder how this could be done, somehow i cant see it…

Thx for any hint.

Use save() method to save new and modified entities in the database.
Pay attention on Note.
If you want modify not Entity but database record or avoid security check for Entity modification use EntityManager. See DataManager vs. EntityManager
Jmix has no EntityManager documentation yet but CUBA has:


That’s correct, but I would recommend using UnconstrainedDataManager - it has the same interface as DataManager and ensures all Jmix mechanisms work correctly, for example entity events. See also Authorization.