Config interfaces not implemented yet?

So our app makes heavy use of config interfaces, since in CUBA it was highly recommended to do so. According to this CUBA forum Jmix subforum topic - Configuration Interfaces feature jmix details - CUBA.Platform - it’s not implemented yet. In the linked ticket ( it seems to be planned for the 1.2.0 release? :frowning:

We’ll be unable to even compile until that is done as we use so many of them. Guys, you recommended heavy use of config interfaces in CUBA. Releasing Jmix without the feature was maybe a little premature? :frowning:

Config interfaces are available in the jmix-cuba compatibility module, so you’ll be able to use them in a migrated application in the same way as you did before.

For new Jmix projects, we are going to implement this feature differently, and this is what the issue is about.


Odd. I wonder why then I’m getting red lines on all my config interface injections, with the message: “Could not autowire. No beans of type ‘config interface type here’ found.”

It’s a false warning from IntelliJ Ultimate, ignore it.