Convert project from CUBA --> Jmix

As many on the CUBA/Jmix team may know, conversion of our application from an ancient legacy language/environment to CUBA began over a year ago and proceeded fairly far into the project.

I’ve been instructed to do a test conversion to Jmix now so that we can see what issues we may face, and perhaps go forward in Jmix.

However, there doesn’t seem to be currently a way to do so? Am I missing something? Or is it a “coming soon” thing?

In the nearest months we will publish the instruction describing how to perform manual migration of the CUBA project to Jmix, and mentioning various aspects one needs to consider when migrating.

Support of the automated migration of the CUBA project to Jmix in the Jmix Studio will be implemented later, it definitely will not be a part of the release 1.0.

Ticket progress can be tracked here:

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Thank you for the answer, Alexander. I look forward to the instructions and the eventual automated migration.

If the team is looking for votes on priority - consider this a big vote to move it way up the list. All too often I see posts on the CUBA support forum from people “stuck” back on older versions of CUBA (the 6.x line seems to be a very popular “stuck” version). We very much want to avoid being in that situation with CUBA vs. Jmix. Our application is large and broad in scope (ask @aleksey.stukalov :slight_smile: ) and being on the latest version will be important.

Also - if there is a list for early testing of the automated migration, I’d like to be added to it.

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Any word on this? Being “stuck” on CUBA is/is going to be a big issue for us. We’re too far in to just stop and start from nothing on Jmix, but we definitely want to be on Jmix ASAP.


The plan stays the same as I have informed you in my previous comment.

Hi Jon
Don’t worry, you won’t have to start from nothing - we’ll provide a migration path and help from Studio.
And thanks, we’ll consider using your help as a beta tester of the migration procedure, as soon as it’s ready.


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