Correct way of dealing with get request parameters

Specific use cases:

  • “forgot my password” account restore token
  • “verify it’s my e-mail address” token

User gets an email with a request like

User clicks the link and the system processes the token.

What I have so far: (this code is in the LoginScreen class)

private fun onInit(event: InitEvent) {

    val handleVaadinRequestFunction: (session: VaadinSession, request: VaadinRequest, response: VaadinResponse) -> Boolean =
        { session, request, response -> handleVaadinRequest(request) }

    AppUI.getCurrent()?.let { ui ->
        // Handle current request
        VaadinRequest.getCurrent()?.let { currentRequest ->
        // Handle future requests on initialized UI

private fun handleVaadinRequest(request: VaadinRequest?): Boolean {
    request?.getParameter("resetpasswordtoken")?.let { token ->"resetpasswordtoken retrieved: $token")
        // ... do some stuff with the token

This works unreliably and I don’t know why. As this is a quite common use case, I wonder if there is a “proper” way of doing it?

You need to listen to the UrlParamsChangedEvent.

Docs: Screen Events :: Jmix Documentation

See working sample here:

Thanks, I tried to change the code to use the UrlParamsChangedEvent but the method is never called.

I removed the code from my first post and added:

private fun onUrlParamsChanged(event: UrlParamsChangedEvent) {
    event.params["resetpasswordtoken"]?.let { token ->"resetpasswordtoken retrieved: $token")
        // ... do some stuff with the token

This is all in the LoginScreen - does that make any difference maybe?

Can you try if it will work with Java, or at least make the method public?
I have not tested with Kotlin.

Another idea: you should specify the screen route for the login screen:

@Route(value = “login”, root = true)

and provide user with the link “
Maybe request parameters are lost during the redirect?..

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Indeed, the route was already set, but I didn’t use it in the URL. So when adding #login to it, everything works now, thank you!