Cuba-JMIX migration problem: @DesignSupport annotation

Hi, Support Team.
After migration process, the annotation type DesignSupport,, causes next assemble error Cannot resolve symbol ‘DesignSupport’ (see image below):


All entities in this Cuba-Platform project are DB views and, after migration, in JMIX project have lost the DB view check (see image below):


Is it possible that this problem could has relation with another occurred one during the migration process because it didn’t recognize the DBMS type?

What could be the solution? Manually confirm the DB View check in designer view?

For more information about the origin of the use of this @DesignSupport annotation in this Cuba-Platform project:

Thanks in advance

Instead of the @DesignSupport annotation you should use or annotations in Jmix.

Entity designer writes them them to the source code - you can check how they will look like if you create new entity and change “DB View” or “DDL Generation settings” settings in the entity designer.

Thanks, Alexander. I’ll try your advice and I’ll report the result.

Best regards