DataGrid cell render no text


on jmix 1.2.2, helium extended theme with no customization (just for branding), datagrid loads rows but displays no text in cells.

any suggestions?

EDIT: just created new Jmix project, and changed the default created groupTable en Users browser sceen to a datagrid, same result.

EDIT 2: found the issue, maybe this helps some body: the default table generated by JMIX Studio does not add property tag for columns, just id. Somehow thats sufficient for table but datagrid requires property tag. After changeing id for property it work as expected.


Hi @ac.giesbrecht

It’s an expected behavior for the Studio, it doesn’t add the property attribute to GroupTable columns.
If you want to use a DataGrid in a browser you could choose the Table Type during a screen creation:
The property attribute will be added automatically.