Debugging the application

im trying to run the app in debug mode, but it doesn’t run like I’m used it. The app wont run on the browser.

It’s definitely running somehow but I can’t actually use the app in the browser to debug it.



all I get on the browser side is a “Can not connect” error

Check, that you still run the Jmix application configuration and the project is fully started.
Also, I recommend you to use the nightly build of the Jmix plugin instead of the 0.9 version.

the application runs normally without the debug mode, what i the difference in the nightly mode, and where do I change it?


thankyou for constantly responding to my questions!

Nightly Studio builds are published every night as a part of the continuous integration process. These builds contain the latest changes implemented by the Jmix Studio team. You can find here more detailed information about how to switch to nightly builds.

i wanted to revert from the nightly build to the stable version, and the documentation said i had to uninstall jmix, remove nightly from plugin repositories and uninstall, but this corrupted my project or changed it in a way that I can not see or greater edit screens that are editable in the visual editor.
I posted a new issue pertaining this problem.

I really need this fixed. it is a big project.
any ideas as to what happened?