Decimal column missing in Liquibase changelogs after upgrade to 1.2


I just upgraded to Jmix 1.2, one is not being added in Liquibase change logs on recreating them. I have same column definition in other entities too, they are fine. Not able to understand why this this is giving issue in only one entity.

@Column(name = "AMOUNT", nullable = false, precision = 19, scale = 2)
private BigDecimal amount;

Hi, can you describe step by step how you came to the error or send a demo project?

This was working fine. Didn’t change this entity, updated a few other (unrelated) entities. Since, I am in initial phase of proj, I delete existing change logs and recreate them.

I upgrade to Jmix 1.2, made changes in other entities and recreated change logs and this attribute was missing. I tried to create test project but not able to reproduce the issue. This is the only attribute missing in change logs. :frowning:

Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce the error. If this problem resumes or becomes more stable, please contact us again.