Disable liquibase in jmix app

I’d like to disable liquibase because my database it is accesed with other apps and i’ll manage with other tools. The reason it is it wants to drop views created dynamically from other apps and cannot ignore the liquibase script, every time I want to drop them. So i want to get rid of it.
I use jmix and put in application.properties 3 lines but no one seems to work

Thank you.

I recommend you add your database as an additional data store, so you will be able to set up the type of DB Schema management. For example, you can select the ‘Disabled’ option. In this case, Studio will not manage database schema for entities located in this data store.

Also, you can add the generated script to ignored in the Changelog preview window. If this functionality does not work, please provide more information about the problem and we will try to investigate it.


I can add the script to ignored but nex time it brings again to the non ignored list and i have to do it all the time.
The problem started after I have added a view on a database public schema (postgres) via pgadmin.
After that every time i build my jmix proj. appears the script drop view… and after i add to ignored list it continues the build. Next time i build it comes again that script “drop view” and so on.


If you use the Main Data Store, you really will get a bug with the need for endless addition to the ignore list. This bug is already fixed and the fix will be available in the next release of Jmix Studio.

With additional data stores, there is no such problem. You can try to create a new datastore and configure work with it using the Generate Data Model action.


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