Does ldap-add-on support Azure AD?

Hi platform team,

I just checked out the ldap-add-on document at: GitHub - Haulmont/jmix-ldap: LDAP integration project of the Jmix framework

It seems to be supporting the Active Directory integration but I’m not quite sure if it supports Azure AD which is a cloud-based version of Active Directory

My current CUBA project is using CUBA saml add-on for SSO integration with Azure AD. SAML – CUBA Platform
I’m trying to migrate project to Jmix and wonder if we have an equivalent add-on for SSO like that.

Any idea would be much appreciated!!

any one from platform team can help with this?


First, about the SAML add-on - it hasn’t been transferred to Jmix, and we don’t have specific plans for it yet.
As for Azure AD, we never used it. It seems that Azure AD has some kind of LDAP protocol support (see documentation), so you may try it and see whether it works with the current LDAP add-on.

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@gorbunkov , ok thanks for the reference. I’ll check it out.


Another question not related to the ldap-addon, but it came out when I was trying to figure out a SSO solution.

Based on Jmix documentation at Authentication :: Jmix Documentation, I know Jmix uses Spring security to implement the authentication process. And definitely Azure AD already supported integration for SpingBoot based application very well, thanks to this post: How to use the Spring Boot Starter for Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs

However, that approach will override the authentication inside the Jmix login screen:

AuthDetails.of(username, password)
.withRememberMe(rememberMeCheckBox.isChecked()), this);

Not sure this approach is better than using the ldap-addon, and if it is then I hope to get some valuable input from platform team.