Drop all tables and create again

How can I drop all the tables (only my tables) and create again with jmix?.
Jmix version’s:
Studio v.1.1.2
Framework v.1.1.1
Datsource: hsqldb:file

Do you have tables created by other application in a HSQL database and you want to drop only the tables created by Jmix?

I create a new jmix project to test the framework.
All tables are created by jmix.
Then I define and create my tables with jmix (Customer, Order, etc.) and screens …
I need to drop only my tables (Customer, Order, etc.) in the database and create again.
I am testing some possible scenarios

If you remove your entities from the application code, Studio will generate drop table statements for the database.
Otherwise you have to remove your tables manually.

I’m very sorry if I can’t make myself understood well.
I did not touch anything in jmix.
I dropped my tables directly in the database.
Now, I want to create again from definition
existing in jmix.

Jmix Studio creates a set of Liquibase changelog files in a structure explained at Database Migration.
If you delete all files except 010-init-user.xml (which creates User tables and adds “admin” user), Studio will generate these changelog files again based on your current data model.