Dynamic Attributes : Bug in rendering lookup field when attribute is entity type and is collection

Hi guys !

Thank you for you great framework !

By doing some tests on dynamic attributes I encountered a bug in this specific configuration:

  • Creating a dynamic attribute of type ‘Entity’
  • Selecting ‘Lookup field’ = true
  • Selecting ‘IsCollection’ = true

Creation itself is ok but when trying to create or edit an entity on the UI I got this error message:
IllegalStateException: Unable to find action with id values_select

After a small debug exercice I think I found the source of the bug:

In the class io.jmix.dynattrui.impl.factory.DynAttrComponentGenerationStrategy it looks like there is a small problem in the method

The select action is added to the values picker at line 187:
while line 184 is already trying to use this action:
setValuesPickerOptionsLoader(valuesPicker, attribute, valueSource);

I have done a small test pushing the addAction call before line 184 and it seems to work well for me.

I don’t know enough the framework to be sure that it is the right way to correct this bug but I hope this can help.

Best regards,


Hi Cedric,

Thank you for the report and thorough investigation!
Looks like you have enough information to create an issue. PRs are also welcome :slight_smile:


Was the problem solved already? For what version?
For jmix 1.4.4 it actual still.

Perhaps no. Please create an issue at Github.