Editable fields in GroupTable under high-frequency updates

Dear all,

we have a GroupTable with various columns, one of which is editable, which we offer to the users in order to take notes. Everything worked well so far.

Now we have added some functionality which updates rows in the GroupTable in very high frequency (financial stocks data, so we are talking several updates per second per row at peak trading times). We use the CollectionContainer#replaceItem functionality to achieve this.
Unfortunately this causes the editable field to flicker whenever an update happens, basically rendering the column unusable.
Could anyone please advise a preferred course of action under such circumstances?
The goal would be to reload the other columns but keep the “notes” column with the editable field stable.
So far we have ruled out

  • switching away from GroupTable (the “pivot” functionality is needed in the application)
  • using a pop up to make the edit of the column (the users require and are used to seamless interactions when taking notes)
  • limiting the update speed of the table (it is crucial that financial data is as up-to-date as possible)
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,


Table re-renders the entire row if an item is changed, which unfortunately cannot be changed.

Adding a custom action to a table that opens InputDialog seems like a suitable solution.