Emailtemplate-addon : Getting error while opening email WYSIWYG designer

Hello everybody,

I installed jmix-emailtemplate from github and I am not able to open the template WYSIWYG designer, only report based templates can be created. When I click on “Create” button then “Form Designer”, I get the following error :

DevelopmentException: Unable to find an instance of type ‘class io.jmix.ui.action.list.CreateAction’ named ‘valuesFormatsTable.create’ for instance of ‘io.jmix.emailtemplatesui.screen.emailtemplate.json.ValueFormatsFragment’.

I am working on a project using it and it’s really urgent.Can anybody HELP !!

PS : I can see on github that there is a commit related to it on the projet but it is still the same for me.

Thanks !

The issue was initially fixed for 1.1 version. Now the fix is ported to 1.0 (the issue). You’ll get the changes when next Jmix 1.0 bugfix release is published.