Error during db creation due to Liquibase changelogs tables/columns names in lowercase/uppercase


we’re using Jmix plugin 1.1.0-212 on AWS RDS with MySQL 8.0.25 engine.
We run Jmix on an empty RDS instance (no database schema is present) and, during the creation of database, it fails.

The problem is that the database we’re using is case sensitive but in Jmix Liquibase changelogs, tables/columns names are written sometimes in uppercase and sometimes in lowercase. So if a table has been created by Jmix in upper case and then Jmix tries to alter it using lowercase name, Jmix will throw a “table not found” exception.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to change the case sensitive option on this RDS db instance.

Could you please fix Jmix so that tables/columns names will be written in Liquibase changelogs always in the same way? (or always in uppercase or always in lowercase)



what Jmix framework version do you use?

Could you please share the application log with the liquibase error, so we could detect the incorrect changeset?

Or the error happens not in changesets that go with Jmix framework but in changesets generated by Studio for your tables? If so, then could you provide examples in which cases Studio generate incorrect changesets.