Example for xls export

Hi there.
Are there any example for the grid-export addon?
I followed docs and while i can add the action, i could not find way to link the button to the action.
I believe i miss some fundamental info, there, but i can not find any practical example to learn.



You can link the button to the action by using the action property of the button element. Here you can reference the defined table action.


<table id="tableId" dataContainer="tableDc">
        <action id="excelExport" type="excelExport"/>
        <column id="myCol"/>
    <buttonsPanel id="buttonsPanel" alwaysVisible="true">
        <button id="excelExportBtn" action="tableId.excelExport" />

For general examples have a look at the github projects of the devs. For example the demo petclinic project: https://github.com/Haulmont/jmix-petclinic-online-demo

Hope that helps.

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Of course it did help. I think i have just lost my cognitive abilities and panicked. The solution was pretty obvious. (and i feel dumb)
Thanks a lot, i am back on tracks.

Have a great day.