Extended browse screens are not loaded automatically (test project included)

If you create a browse screen and extend it, the data in the child screen is not loaded automatically with the dataloadcoordinator, but only if you have the jmix-cuba-starter in your dependencies and therefore use the CubaDataLoadCoordinatorFacetProvider. So the bug is there probably.

Here is a test project. Just click on “Companies”. There are 3 companies in the data, but you only see it after you hit “Refresh” on the filter.

Then comment out the line implementation "io.jmix.cuba:jmix-cuba-starter" in build.gradle - configure and start again.

Now click on “Companies”. Voila, you immediatly see the 3 companies.

unfetchedattribute2.zip (102.3 KB)
(don’t worry about the name of the test project, I initially made it for another problem)


thank you for reporting the problem and demo project! I’ve created an issue: Haulmont/jmix-cuba#117

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