External flowable engine


We are using BPM add-on and want to integrate it w/ external flowable engine.
It can be done as mentioned in add-on documentation, but we did not found how it can be done.

Can someone explain process of this integration? Thanks in advance.

Hi, could you please point out where is it mentioned?

Also, what do you mean by external Flowable engine? Is it located on a separate server and you want to access it with Flowable REST API, or you mean that Flowable tables should be located in a separate database?

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BPM – Jmix

Yes, I mean Flowable REST API.

I didn’t find the information that add-on works with external Flowable engine on that page.

Unfortunately, external Flowable engine that is being accessed using its REST API is not supported. BPM add-on works only with embedded Flowable engine.

So what is mean in documentation in phrase “You are free to use the Flowable API directly”? =)
Same in the russian version.

This means that you can use its Java API.
This one: The Flowable API · Flowable Open Source Documentation

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