Filter component is not filtering correct when autoApply is false and paging is applied to DL

Hello team,

I see that filter component filter button is not filtering results correctly in a data loader when paging is applied. My investigation led me to filter button clickListener which is doing simply dl.load() and not updating dl first page so if we filter when on 6th page and there isn’t a 6th page in the result the table is displayed empty.



Thank you for reporting the problem! Could you clarify the Jmix version? The problem should be fixed in 1.2.3 version, see: jmix-framework/jmix#422

Version is 1.2.3.

My guess is that this line here
should be changed to include the page reset as well.

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Yes, reproduced the problem. Created an issue: jmix-framework/jmix#802.