Flow UI - EntityComboBox requires datacontainer, It was not so in jmix

In flow UI, EntityComboBox can’t be used without specifying datacontainer. It gives following error (not so in default UI)

GuiDevelopmentException: EntityComboBox doesn’t have data binding

Frame ID: Sheellegal
XML descriptor: /com/sheel/sheelonline_flow/view/sheellegal/sheellegal.xml
Component ID: regulation1

Which component we can use for selection of single record in Ui?

How to use tabsheet component? (it doesnot show anything in it, Is it just selector as in vaadin 23)


EntityComboBox must to know what entity to work with, so you have to define either metaClass or dataContainer. The same is applicable for the Default UI.

Currently, there is no TabSheet component included into Jmix Flow UI module. The Tabs component is a Vaadin component that only… switches tabs.


In my jmix default UI project screen, i am using entitycombobox to select the entity record and then some process based on that record. Use of entitycombobox as in code works in default ui -

  <entityComboBox width="100%" optionsContainer="masterRegulationsDc"

i am nowhere using datacontainer here!!!

but this code in flow Ui gives error

   <entityComboBox id="regulation1"

I have more than 50,000 records in one table, based on the entitycombobox, i am filtering the table to show in tree component. This screen works in cuba as well as jmix.

Screenshot 2022-08-10 190741

How to do this in Flow UI?

I need double check, meanwhile you can define metaClass for entityComboBox.

@gorelov ,

I am just experimenting Flow UI with night build (In future planning to shift to it as it is coming to shape very fast (based on nightly build)). I understand it is under development.

How can i define metaclass. This code gives error -

<entityComboBox id="regulation1"
                                         itemsContainer="regulationDc" metaClass="com.sheel.sheelonline_flow.entity.MasterRegulation"/>

Error -
IllegalArgumentException: MetaClass not found for com.sheel.sheelonline_flow.entity.MasterRegulation

metaClass is your Entity name. You can find it in the Entity Designer
Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 19.25.24

Thanks, it worked