Frontend UI not displaying Enums as Expected

I’m using the React frontend and noticing a couple of issues:

  1. The projectModel.json/metadata.json has an empty array for the values[] property of all my enums. Perhaps my enum classes are incorrect in some way and the projectModel.json is not getting generated correctly?
  2. If I manually put a value in the array as I assume it should look (e.g. {“name”:“CONFIRMED”, “id”:1}), It will display in the UI, but I don’t see how to link it to the message bundle value (“Confirmed”). Is that functionality supposed to work, or is it just not implemented?


I was able to track down the empty values[] issue. I was using existing enums, modified to implement EnumClass, but the constructor still took 2 arguments. By “standardizing” them, the metadata was exported properly.

I still have an open question on bullet 2.