Frontend UI not displaying Enums as Expected

I’m using the React frontend and noticing a couple of issues:

  1. The projectModel.json/metadata.json has an empty array for the values[] property of all my enums. Perhaps my enum classes are incorrect in some way and the projectModel.json is not getting generated correctly?
  2. If I manually put a value in the array as I assume it should look (e.g. {“name”:“CONFIRMED”, “id”:1}), It will display in the UI, but I don’t see how to link it to the message bundle value (“Confirmed”). Is that functionality supposed to work, or is it just not implemented?


I was able to track down the empty values[] issue. I was using existing enums, modified to implement EnumClass, but the constructor still took 2 arguments. By “standardizing” them, the metadata was exported properly.

I still have an open question on bullet 2.


Regarding the second point: try to place just enum value (e.g. “CONFIRMED”).

Hi Vladislav. I tried just putting the enum value, leaving out the id, but that does the same thing. Debugging into the code, it does appear to put the enum value into the caption property, but I was hoping it would replace it with a localized value downstream. However, I didn’t find any code that was doing that.