Hot deploy not working

I’ve just started working with Jmix after working with Cuba for years. I’m following Mario David’s “Rent Your Stuff” tutorials as a starting point to understand the difference.

I am finding that the hot deploy is not working in my sample Jmix app.

I’m running Intellij Idea Ultimate 2022.1 and Jmix Studio 1.2.1-213. Note that Cuba 15.9-213 is also installed at the same time, if that makes any difference.

I can’t find a “Jmix” menu like I had in Cuba where I could force a hot deploy.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

The problem with hot deploy has been fixed recently and the fix will be available in the next patch by the middle of May. See

In the current version, reopening the project should fix hot deploy for a while until IDE starts reindexing something.

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Thanks. Restarting the app is not the end of the world in the meantime.