How to add Spring web MVC

Hello there,
I want to add Spring web mvc + freemarker or some template framework.
How to add spring mvc with login and register form to jmix.


Hi Nurmuhammad,

We are going to prepare a complete example app with Spring MVC frontend in the next couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, see the docs for how to create secured Spring MVC controllers in a Jmix application.


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Hi Nurmuhammad,

There is a sample project, containing Spring web MVC login form by paths localhost:8080/portal/*, an in-memory user with username “user” and password “pass”. If you success log in with the credentials specified above, you will see the users’ page created using Freemarker.


This project contains only web MVC UI and standard Backoffice UI doesn’t work. But soon I will introduce the project containing working Backoffice UI and Web MVC UI.


By the following link you can check that sample with MVC UI and Backoffice UI. Please read the

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Thank you guys for your response. i’ve checked and it works.
Is there any roadmaps when jmix version will includes with springmvc?

Hi guys,
Can i make mvc-portal inside path /portal/ , jmix-admin(vaadin-ui) inside path /app/
I mean:

Portal: http://localhost:8080/portal/**
Jmix-UI: http://localhost:8080/app/**

Is there any solution for this?

Hi Vladislav,
Can you advice for this issue ?