How to delete the CUBA compatibility resource roles

How can we delete the CUBA compatibility roles we see in the Cuba->JMIX migrated project?


Do you mean to remove them from the roles browser and role assignment dialog in UI?

Hi Konstantin,

in the UI and getting an understanding,
what happens while migrating from Cuba to Jmix.

We need to be sure,
that old Cuba stuff does not harm the migrated app before
we push it to production.
We are going to set up the security new in the migrated app.
And for that, we do not need the Cuba resources/roles any more.

The same happened to the menu entries.
There we go the way to build it without the composite-menu.
But there it is also not clear to us,
why old Cuba entries (i.e. Scheduling Tasks, which are not working any more)
still visible in the menu (when enabling the composite-menu).

Actually we have the impression, that there are a lot of Cuba codings
in the migrated app.
And we want to understand how to handle it, maybe remove it and
be sure, that it does not cause any issues in the future.

One more thing:
we are also facing the issue, that the LDAP AddOn works like expected
in a new JMIX app, but not in the migrated one.
Until we do not completely understand the reason for that (together with the Cuba roles…)
we cannot use migrated JMIX apps.

best regards

LDAP security issue got solved.
I had to write my own LdapUserDetailsSynchronizationStrategy…

2 questions open:

  • how to handle the old Cuba resoucesRole entries in the GUI
  • can the old Cuba codes for security and menu (maybe there are more)
    harm the JMIX app in the future

Hi Roland

Now it’s impossible to remove roles defined by annotated classes. But I’ve created a ticket to enable it: Enable removing design-time resource and row-level roles from provider caches

Not sure what you mean by harm. The jmix-cuba module contains adapters and features removed in Jmix. If you don’t need them - just remove this dependency and fix your project (it may be very difficult or very easy depending on the size and complexity of your project). How they can harm - they definitely slow down the application startup, consume a bit more memory, bloat your database with some old tables which maybe not needed to you. So if you can get rid of this module with reasonable effort - I would recommend doing it.