How to log in without entering credentials

I am not strong in terminology.
But I need authorization without login and password.
My users login to window OS via Hardware Token and pin code.
Then they should get to the jmix portal without entering logs and password.
what is required to use?

When users sign in to Windows using Hardware Token, it usually means using the Active Directory service to centrally manage user authorization.
Jmix has an addon that implements this feature: LDAP

How does it help to log in without a username and password?
I read about setting up ldap and set it up.
But I could not find a way to enter the portal without entering a username and password.
in fact it should work like ntlm authorization

Hardware Token login tools actually authorize the user in Active Directory.
LDAP integration allows you to associate an LDAP user with an application user.
Thus, by entering Active Directory through Hardware Token, the user can get into the application without an additional authorization request.
Of course, the details of how you implement authorization through Hardware Token are important here. But usually in MS environment it works via AD|LDAP.

it doesn’t work for me.
after entering the login and password authorizes

i find post Windows SSO в Jmix-приложении - Вопросы и проблемы - Jmix

it says that this is not implemented in jmix.
jmix can’t do everything

There is no stable solution for completely “from box”.
But the same topic describes implementation with KeyCloak + AD + Jmix app w\o REST.
We have not yet tried to implement this in our applications, but the latest posts in this topic can help in finding an approach.

FYI there is the OpenID Connect add-on that helps you to authenticate against Keycloak.

We don’t have plans to implement Kerberos authentication inside Jmix in the nearest future. It seems that for those who need this it can be done using Keycloak.