How to set task priority through BPM modeler

Hello team,

I need to be able to set task priorities. I see that Task interface in flowable supports this, but cannot find a way to configure it through modeler at the moment.
Is this possible in the current version?
What changes are needed if bpm does not support it at the moment?

Same case applies for category I guess.



you are right, currently it is not supported in the BPM modeler, raised issue for improve that.

Right now you can listen or into your code to dynamically change priority of the task, will that applicable for you?

Sorry, what do you mean?


thank you for your quick response.

I may have to think about a solution using an event listener as you mentioned.

Another kind of solution may be to set task priority for the next task in the flow. But this really is super specific and dependent of the process itself.
For example the NewVisit process given as an example in the Pet clinic. BProc Add-on Video Tutorial - YouTube
In the ‘Select a vet’ task in combination with selection of the vet, to be able to set task priority of the ‘Visit’ task.

What I mean is that I want to be able to set task category through modeler as well. I see that org.flowable.task.api.Task supports it.
I guess this may be achieved through Extension properties, but I want it to be available for all tasks in the system.

I’m looking forward for all kind of improvements in BPM.