How to use Custom Controller with Services API

I have a Service class with getAllStudentCustom method

and I use it
It working correctly

I have a Custom Controller class with getAllStudent method
it use getAllStudentCustom in Service class inside

and I use it
I can’t get all of my student like use standalone Service API
How I can fix it ?

Do you get any student data in Logger?
Try debugging and see if there is any data in studentServiceCustom.getAllStudentCustom()

The data returned when I use the Service API, you will see in Postman (In the picture)


He did not answered, but I have the same problem calling dataManager.load(MyEntity.class).all().load() as in the sample does return 0 entity wherease calling a jpql statement from this same dataManager returns results, how would you fix this ?

The problem can be with role permissions. Check that the user has some role that has READ permission for the entity you’re requesting.

Thanks for the quick replay.

It might be indeed a role permission problem.

I have updated it and I am now able to request the given entity with .all() method

Best regards