Insert link in RichTextArea that opens a given JMIX screen with an input parameter


I am having thoughts about a feature I would like to attain in my app.

I need to produce text reports (displayed inside a textarea with MONOSPACE fonts for character width to remain constant) and those reports contain tabular data. In one of the columns I am highly interested to enable the user clicking and directing him to a related Jmix screen passing that value as parameter.

For those reports I am currently using a big textarea mostly taking up all the screen area.

But I need the above mentioned feature to be in.

So I am thinking of two solutions:

  1. Turn the TextArea into a RichTextArea, set font to MONOSPACE and display the desired parameter column as a link. The point is that I am not aware I can build an entry point to a specific screen with a given parameter in JMIX from a plain text link. From my current knowledge I am aware I will be lacking session information so this approach is seemingly invalid.

  2. Turn the whole report into a “sortof” GridPanel where I lay out labels and buttons, again setting the fonts to MONOSPACE to guarantee each character has the same width. This approach wouldn’t require any link building since the button would be a jmix button and would be able to attain it with ordinary logic. The pitfall of this approach is that I presume large reports, those involving more than 100 records will mean a substantial consumption of resources and could affect app performance.

Any thoughts or ideas?

I greatly appreciate your attention in helping me solve this little challenge.

Best regards.

Carlos Conti.

I just found this

This might flatten the way towards solution 1.

Im I right?



Solution 1 should work, but use @Route annotations for expose screen URLs.
See an example at Using URL History and Navigation API :: Jmix Documentation