Is Jmix dead ? Is there any future for Jmix?

Is there any future for Jmix ?
The vast majority of developers (may be all) of Jmix team are Russians.
I’m from Kharkiv Ukraine. My city is bombed by russians now.
I’m not working now because my city is destroyed, but they’re debiting my bank card like jackals.
If they killed me, they would write off the money until they ran out.
What will the team do if the government turns off the Internet ?
What will the team do if the FSB (Federal Security Service) forces them to introduce malicious code to Jmix ?
Is Jmix dead and has no feature ?
What Jmix team think about russian war in Ukraine ?

Hi Serg.
First of all, we are all shocked of what is happening and we hope that this nightmare will end as soon as possible. I really hope you and your family will be safe.

No, Jmix is not dead. You can find more details and answers to all your questions in this thread.

No, we are not “debiting your bank like jackals”. We only charge money for the software which we provide to you, a result of many years of hard work of our team. But you are right. It is wrong to charge Ukrainian developers in this situation. So, we decided that we will refund any payments received from Ukrainian developers after Feb 24 and keep licenses free for them at least until end of year. This will be arranged in the next few days.

I hope this helps.



I’m really sorry for what is happening to you and your country. I’m not part of the team, just an American user - but I am in contact off-forum with a member of the Haulmont/CUBA/Jmix team - and trust me, they don’t like what their Government is doing, at all.


Hi Serge
I’m so sorry about the situation. I know from my own experience how it is frightening, everything is uncertain. May the almighty give peace among all of us. Stay safe and take care.


Sorry for my intonation.
Its because my home was destroyed, school of my children destroyed, all the district (closest to Russia) destroyed.
Want to see ? Type “Kharkiv” at, select Images or Videos and Time = “Past week” in the Tools.
Its Europe 21 Century.
But we will win and I have no doubt.
Civilization will win.
So my post was not about me and not about money.
Its about Jmix and about Values.
I like Jmix.
But everything the russians touch ends up in ruins.
So my question was: do you have a plan not to be a russian project ?
Do you have teams in other countries and other nationalities ?
If not, then I have bad news for you…
This situation not for months its for tens of years.
And Jmix team must act quickly if they want to remain a global project but not only local russian project for sanctioned Sber.
With best regards.


Hi Serg.
Answering your question, I mentioned in that other post (link above) that we will be relocating part of the team to provide uninterrupted support and development of Jmix as a global project. We also have plans for hiring globally.

P.S. I understand your situation, but I would like to ask you to refrain from comments on “nationalities” and things like “everything the russians touch ends up in ruins”. We touched Jmix and it is not in ruins as you can see.


Absolutely agree with your opinion. Long live for Jmix…!



I can understand your anger, perhaps I would feel the same in your situation. But here on the forum you picked a wrong target. Please stop treating us as enemies, we are actually victims too.

And I can assure you that we will continue working for the global market. As Andrey wrote, we are well prepared for this.