Is there a way to do a group_concat or string_agg on JPQL for a Yarg Report

I need to convert a whole list of records to a single value separated by comma.
this is very easy to do in postgres using string_agg. How can i do this using JPQL?

You can use FUNCTION() operator in JPQL to call database functions.

Select Function(‘string_agg’, myField,’, ') as groupedRecords …

how would this function work with the groupped fields
does not work :frowning:

Is it possible to get an example?

Is there an example?

We don’t have an example of using this particular function.

But you can circumvent any limitations of JPQL if you use native SQL or even stored procedures as shown in this example project: jmix-samples/stored-procedures-sample at main · jmix-framework/jmix-samples · GitHub