It's really safe work with jmix instead cuba?

I’m reading some cases who stopping work because jmix issues.
Wouldn’t it be better to continue with Cuba until jmix is ​​well tested?

I need to start a new big project and I don’t know if with jmix or cuba…

I know there is a paid support subscription, but the problem is not support.
The problem is the actual state of the tool (jmix).
Why would you pay to report bugs that shouldn’t be there?
It is my humble opinion.

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I have been asking those questions myself, and this is what I concluded.

  • licensing model is important to me, and jmix keeps continuity
  • spring boot was needed to keep pace with technology - what was once spring, now is spring boot
  • many people are using spring boot (de facto industry standard) and underlying libraries so it is ok
  • but does jmix work? - I have made a smaller application with jmix to test, and it worked/works - wizards for UI and JPA entities still produce the same end result
  • it is just that some things are done differently now than in cuba so one can no just copy paste the code (and this is not unusual) - so it is a matter or finding the new implementation within the new ecosystem
  • I will finish my existing project using CUBA, (5 years of support is OK), and will migrate to the jmix when I get some time
  • when migrating, or starting new projects with jmix, I will start a project from scratch, not use the migration wizard
  • there are always errors with anything, look at other tools forums - sometimes errors exist because I did things wrong, sometimes its real bug - but it is important to ask for help and report so that maintainers can fix it
  • research and verify your project with some proof of concept, if it is big - for example, generate test database with few millions of records and create interface, or try to create a representative workflow or a map … see how it goes - this is valid not just for jmix but for any tool

I’m getting my problems sorted out… my problems are very specific since mid way my project I was asked to change entire db engine. I have no experience with liquibase. developers are great help. new learning curve since ive been doing cuba past 2 years.


I have started a new project in Jmix going on now for 2 months.
It is a Warehouse Management System and so far I have not encountered any problems.

The webapp uses features such as:

  • Instant messaging (using Global Events)
  • Pulling accounting data from a AS/400 mainframe
  • Pulling data from other 3rd party systems
  • Uploading data stored in Excel sheets

The way you do things in Jmix is different but much better than Cuba.
In my opinion, it is worth the while starting new projects in Jmix especially if it not too complex

All the best !


I am sure that now new projects should be started on Jmix, and not on Cuba.
Then the question of migrating the Jmix - Cuba application can take more time and effort than learning the features of Jmix.
But you need to make sure that all the Addons that you may need are already ported to Jmix.


Thank for answers.
They were very helpful.

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