Jmix 1.1 released

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that the release 1.1.0 of the Jmix framework and Studio is out! The framework is available in our artifact repositories, Jmix Studio plugin is ready for update in your IntelliJ IDEA.

This release contains a significant number of new features, improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Support for Java 17

  • Creating projects with Kotlin

  • BPM designer in Studio

  • Migration from CUBA

Please see what’s new for upgrade instructions and the list of new features and backwards incompatible changes.

The documentation now shows information about version 1.1 by default. You can switch to version 1.0 using the selection controls at the bottom left corner or in the page header.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!


Congratulations! :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink:

Great Friday finish! :beers:
Now we can plan to migrate our projects from Cuba.

Congratulations! This release has been expected with great anticipation.

Good job! Congratulations! Thanks all team!

Thanks guys!
Try it out, I hope you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:
Anyway, we are waiting for your bug reports to polish the release.