JMIX 1.2: Jmix-OIDC Whether supporting the session inspection mechanism

Hi Team:

As Title, This addon Whether supporting the session inspection mechanism?

When I use KeyCloak as Identity Server, and clear User Session from KeyCloak.
Does the Oidc Addon can actively identify the session of KeyCloak no longer exist and simultaneously do JMIX Application.



If we talk about accessing resource server endpoints, then the add-on doesn’t have any pre-defined configuration that supports opaque tokens. JWT tokens are supported out-of-the-box. BTW, what kind of tokens do you use in your applications more often: JWT or opaque?

As for invalidation of Jmix Vaadin sessions when Keycloak session is killed - there is no such functionality as well. If you have any idea how you would implement this, then please share your thoughts.