Jmix 1.3x and Flow UI Composite project

I am trying to build a composite project using the Flow UI.

As I didn’t find any option to create a Single module Add-on for FLOW UI, I created an add-on using a Full-stack application with Flow but it seems that it will not work as there is no option found for dependency definition across sub-projects.

Is this something yet to be built or I am missing something?


Hi Mortoza,
Thank you for the feedback.
Yes, it will be implemented later.


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Thank you for considering this a priority.

Meanwhile, Do you suggest I create addon projects with Full stack Flow UI and later can set the dependencies?


I’d recommend waiting until FlowUI becomes more stable and better supported in Studio.

Hi Konstantin
Ok noted. Frankly speaking, I need to start the development of a new application and am hesitant in developing that on the platform which will be replaced by flowUI in the near future. That’s why I’m coming again and again with new questions on FlowUI.

It’s OK, we are open for discussion :slight_smile:

Firstly, we are not going to ditch the current UI any time soon.

Secondly, I think a viable approach is to create your new application with the current UI, but extract as much logic as possible from screens to helper classes or beans. Then you will be able to migrate to FlowUI in the future with minimal effort - generate CRUD screens and integrate back the extracted logic.

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Hi Konstantin
Thanks for your guidance about the approach. I wasn’t sure if the project created in JMIX (Vaadin 8) can be converted into FlowUI by creating only the CRUD keeping the helpers/beans unchanged in the same project. I had this impression from the fact that the current FlowUI only works when the FlowUI-specific template is used to create the project. If we will have a project migration tool that will help migrate the whole project that will be compatible to create the flow UI then it will be helpful. I’m checking every day when is the next version released!

FlowUI modules don’t depend on any specifics in the core and data access modules, they use the same features of backend modules as the current UI does.

So the simplest way to convert a project to FlowUI is just copy-paste its backend-related packages to a new project created from FlowUI template, as Mario suggested here. We’ll write a step-by-step instruction for this process later.

Thank you Konstantin for confirming this. So that we can continue/initiate development in JMIX without worrying about code compatibility as long as most of the codes are in bean/services.