Jmix 2021 Recap and 2022 Roadmap

We published a traditional recap of the year and our plans for the next one. Your comments on the article are most welcome here!


As a customer, I appreciate your post with the recap of current year and new plans for next year because help to increase trust in the company and your products.

Congratulations for the right decision to invest in R&D and increase the workforce. Haulmont has created an extraordinary product that, without marketing activities, has you grown by over 20%. With more investment in marketing strategies, like the new website launched in december that release success cases in the customer stories section, will position your product in a good place in the software development platform market.

About the recent price change, I already expressed my opinion about it. I believe that the entire community will support the decision in its own interest to continue developing software through a quality platform, technologically updated and supported by a professional team.

I find the decision on the new front-end technologies correct, Vaadin as the primary client and the work on upgrading to the latest Vaadin 23 LTS release, especially with the future goal on making Jmix and React Buddy work together.

Finally, my wishes to all JMIX community that we have a great New Year full of new JMIX features.


Hi Xavier! Wow. Great to hear that you think we’re on the right track! We’ll do our best to make it a great year!

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