Jmix can't find component 'wizard'

Has somebody experienced a similar error?

GuiDevelopmentException: Unknown component: wizard

I used Jmix-wizard addon from here. Its version is 1.1.0. Also I followed all recomendation for installation: added the dependency to my project, added the XML namespace wizard to the window tag of your screen like <window xmlns="" xmlns:wizard="">

I open my wizard’s screen using ScreenBuilders the same as I did in Cuba. But in Jmix I’ve got an error.

Could you help me resolve my problem?


Have you tried to run the example project locally? Here you can find where it is used:


I forgot mention I use Jmix 1.2.2 version
As I can see a Jmix version you use in your example is 1.2.1.
Could it be that my problem connects to version number?

By the way after some investigation I decided that Bean public ComponentRegistration wizardComponent() from doesn’t launch with application. I think this is the reason of error “Unknown component: wizard”.
As a workaround I add Bean public ComponentRegistration wizardComponent() to runnable class for my project.