JMIX capabilities for a new development

Hello all:
I would like to know if it is possible in JMIX to achieve the following:

  1. Interact with a map (google maps/OpenStreetMap) to create a walking route and be able to obtain an aerial photo of it.
    Something like this:

  2. Take a photo with the device’s camera.

  3. Is there a way to create a PWA (progressive web app)? as I understand JMIX is based on Vaadin and from this platform it is possible.

It is to know if I can start a development based on JMIX or should I look for an alternative.


Hi German,

Jmix is best suited for developing applications with large complex data models and a lot of data management UI. You can create more or less standard UI for your data model really fast. Also, there is Maps add-on specifically to work with maps.

But you cannot create a PWA with the standard Jmix UI, and I’m not sure about interacting with a device camera. So if your application mostly needs to interact with a device and external APIs and just save the data to a simple model, create it with a mobile native or JavaScript-based frontend technology. If it’s a part of a more complex data-centric application, create a backend with Jmix and connect your custom frontend through the Jmix generic REST API or custom endpoints.

Hi Konstantin; thanks fort your answer.
I’ve tried JMIX to develop the UI and database and it’s great that’s why I wanted to develop everything with JMIX.
I’m sorry it’s not possible; I will go for your advice.
Thank you very much