Jmix + Keycloak - first page

Hi, I’m using Jmix with Keycloak, it works great but I need to have an unprotected page as first page, how can I do this ?

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I’m afraid that it is not currently possible. The problem is that screen routing used by Jmix (when screen id in the URL is separated using the # symbol) seems to be not “compatible” with Spring security URL patterns. So we can’t allow any specific screen URL for anonymous access by Spring security. I’ve created an issue for this problem.

I heard that some guys tried to solve this problem by creating a custom login screen in keycloak. This screen allowed to login as “anonymous” user without entering credentials (using the separate “Login as anonymous” button, for example). After that the user will be redirected to the Jmix app where they will work on behalf of that “anonymous” user.