Jmix source code repositories

Hi everyone,

This weekend (March 19-20), we are going to reorganize Jmix source repositories. We’ll move them to the jmix-framework Github organization and merge into a single monorepo called jmix.

The motivation behind this decision is to improve and simplify our internal processes of CI, release building, code review, working with issues. Also, it will certainly simplify bugreporting and contribution from the community. The entire work on the framework will be more transparent.

All existing issues will be preserved and moved to the monorepo. Old links to issues will redirect to the new ones, thanks to Github.

The old fine-grained repositories will stay as deprecated in jmix-framework organization, with all old branches and tags. The new monorepo will have only active master and release_1_2 branches. Old links to the repos in the haulmont org will redirect to the deprecated repos in the jmix-framework org (except jmix-core which will be redirected to the new jmix monorepo).

We’ll notify you once the process is complete here on the forum.

UPDATE 2022-03-21: Done!


The work is mostly finished, see

All issues are now in this repository. File new issues there and use in: label to specify a subsystem, like in: bpm, in: reports.

We are working on setting up CI and fixing references to Github repos from various places. Please let us know if you find a broken link!

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