Jmix Studio is not working on Windows with wsl2 active


we noticed a problem when working with Jmix Studio on Windows and an active WSL2 configuration. The error message happens when the Gradle build is performed. See the screenshot:


When using the plugin on the same machine without using WSL, in just plain Windows, everything works as expected.


error-from-idea.log (32.7 KB)

I hope this helps identify what is wrong with the plugin.

Hi Mario,

Could you try to open and import a regular Spring Boot Gradle project in the same configuration?


Hi Konstantin,

I’m working with Mario and I was the one who had the problem initially, so maybe it’s the easiest thing if I provide some more insights into the problem.

So the whole problem is for me very easy to reproduce:

  1. Install/activate the jmix Plugin in IntelliJ Ultimate on Windows 10, which is installed “normally” on Windows
  2. Open a gradle project, which lives on WSL2. This does not need to be a jmix project, but can be also e.g. a newly generated gradle project, which has a Java class in it (I attached an example to the thread, with which I could reproduce the error)
  3. Click on “Reload all gradle projects” in the gradle view in IntelliJ
  4. The error which Mario reported occurs
  5. Disable the jmix Plugin in IntelliJ
  6. Try step 3 again → Now it works without errors
  7. Enable the jmix Plugin again
  8. Try step 3 again → The error occurs again. So it is pretty obviously somehow connected to the jmix plugin being active

Best regards,
Thomas (59.1 KB)


There are some issues with WSL2 and IDEA Gradle tooling subsystem compatibility. The latter is used for Jmix project resolving.
The problem is fixed in
Nightly release including the fix is expected to be available in two days, so you can test it in your environment.

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Sounds good, I will take a look in some days. Thank you!

Nightly build is available in JetBrains plugin repository:
If you have any questions about nightly build installation use the following instruction: Installation :: Jmix Documentation

Thank you! This looks good, I just installed the nightly version of the plugin, and now I was able to import and build these projects on the WSL2 file system:

  • A real jmix project
  • The small test project with gradle but without jmix

Also in Windows everything still works as expected.

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